Archived Tamarack Water Alliance Newsletters
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Archived Tamarack Water Alliance Newsletters

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April 2024: Miners Take A Look At Mining by Bob Tammen, Steelworker/IBEW (Retired)

March 2024: An Ojibwe Man's Perspective on Extractivism by Nagaajiwanaang gichi-ayaa'aa/FDL Elder Ricky DeFoe

February 2024: Mapping MEPA: How to Engage in Minnesota's Environmental Review Process by Joy Anderson, Supervising Attorney, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA)

January 2024: Minnesota's Shallow Lakes & Wild Rice - A Deep Heritage (Excerpted from Shallow Lakes-Minnesota’s Natural Heritage brochure by Nicole Hansel-Welch, MN DNR and Scott Kudelka, Water Resource Center, MSUM)

December 2023: Protecting Our Lakes & Rivers by Jeff Forester, Executive Director of Minnesota Lakes & Rivers

November 2023: Ignorance is NOT Bliss: Why Scientific Study of the District-Scale Mining of the Tamarack Intrusive Complex is Needed by Paula Maccabee and Bruce Johnson

October 2023: Carbon Capture Near Tamarack MN

September 2023: Human Health Effects of Sulfide Mining

August 2023: Peat and RePeat: Why Protecting & Restoring Minnesota’s Peatlands Matters for Climate, Water, & People by Kristen Blann, MS, PhD

July 2023: The Value of Fishing and Fishing Habitat

June 2023: Talon Continues to Push Toward An Environmental Disaster

May 2023: Perspectives on Minnesota Mining with Aaron Brown

April 2023: Call To Action: Foreign Sulfide Mining in Minnesota by Arne Carlson, former Republican governor of Minnesota

March 2023: Prove It First!

February 2023: Nickel Not Needed for Future EV's - by Lynn Anderson

January 2023: Water is Life - Talon Metals and the Tamarack North Project - by Tom Anderson

December 2022: What's New With Talon Metals and the Tamarack North Project - by Tom Anderson

November 2022: Thanksgiving - The Price Paid By Native People - by Waabishki Giiwedin Ikwe (White Wind Woman) Tracey L. Wilke, Citizen of Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa North Dakota, Descendant of Chippewa/Ojibwa/Anishinaabe Minnesota

October 2022: Hydrology and the Potential Impacts of Mining - John L. Nieber, P.H., P.E., PhD

September 2022: Extractive Industries Cannot Compete with Tourism and Recreation as an Economic Driver

August 2022: Reflections from a Recent Visit to the Eagle Mine

July 2022: Mining Contributes Less Than 1% To Minnesota's Economy

June 2022: Responsible Mining

May 2022: Do Minnesota’s Regulatory Agencies Really Protect The Environment?

April 2022: Community Consent / Social License

March 2022: Is Talon Metals Green or "Just Kidding?

February 2022: Nickel-Sulfide Mining Pollution and Nickel-free Electric Vehicle Batteries

January 2022: What We Know About the Proposed Talon Metals Mine

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Articles Published in Minnesota News Outlets

December 18, 2023 - MINNPOST

There’s no reason to claim that nickel is needed in the transition to a green economy

Protecting our waters and communities from the dangers of sulfide mining